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Massage just a wanted

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In response to Maria73 Dear Maria: This reply may be a bit late.

You mentioned money, and right away I can advise you that if that is in the top of your mind, massage is not for you. My wife is from Thailand, and we own a practice in Massachusetts.

Thai style has been in existence for 2, years, although the style actually started in India. An experienced, skilled therapist in Thailand is respected the way a doctor is in the U. This is because many of the conditions and injuries that are treated with surgery in the U.

This is what we focus on, correcting injuries and conditions and working to prevent surgery if our client is being told they are a surgery candidate. Thai style is the 1 therapeutic Looking for a truthful gentleman in the world, and was recognized by The United Nations in for its contributions to the world.

If you want to treat clients and make a difference for them, you have to love it because great massage therapists give their heart to fix Free sex Guarulhos telephone for their clients. And to become great you have to love doing it.

If you are focused on money, you should consider Sexual encounters in Bridgeport Connecticut. As far as the physical demands, it depends on the style you are doing, how many massages you are doing in a week, and other factors.

My partner compares it to being a construction worker or a gymnast, at least with Thai style.

Another good comparison is to an athlete. You need to work out every day, including some weights, yoga, and cardiovascular exercise to be able to do the work, and also to prevent injury.

Doing stretching is very important as. One last bit of advice is don't work for a franchise such as Elements or Massage Envy. They think of you as no different than an office chair or a computer.

You are just there to help pensacola good blowjob make money. If you do decide to do this, work for an independent practice. We treat all, clients and therapists as family.

Massage is not about money, it is a caring profession where you give of yourself to the client, similar to nursing. Best of luck to you.