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It's also true that attackers can compromise internet-connected gadgets.

Conway isn't even the only one who associates microwave ovens with government spying. The answer was "no," at least if you're an American citizen.

Still, it must be said: Microwave ovens are not an effective spy tool. First, let's take Conway's assertion literally.

Microwaves the waves can be used for certain types of imaging, as in radar, but a microwave oven can't be used as a camera unless it literally has an outward-facing webcam onboard.

No such microwave appears to exist. That's in contrast to the Wesley chapel casual encounter ad of the spying Samsung TVs, referenced by Conway, that each come with a built-in, internet-connected microphone.

But what if we were to take Conway not literally, but seriously? Asked whether a microwave could be turned into not a camera, specifically, but a listening device, Stephen Frasier, a microwave imaging and radar researcher at the University Ladies want nsa PA Daisytown 15427 Massachusetts-Amherst, let out several seconds of sustained laughter.

Outside of a Sexy women wants casual sex Meriden smart microwave Kickstarterno microphone-equipped microwaves appear to exist. In fact, a quick check of major appliance manufacturers including GE, LG, and Samsung shows that internet-connected microwaves are a rarity. Even those that might exist in early-adopting kitchens would be far more likely to be conscripted into a botnet than used as a listening device.

Let's go for the full benefit of the doubt though, and assume that Conway meant microwaves as in literal radio frequency waves. Those can, in fact, be used for imaging and communication. Consumer microwave ovens use these same waves to heat food.

Does that mean we're onto something? Not quite.

The whole purpose of those cooking devices is to hold the waves in, not let them. Spies have even used them to create microphones.

But these are purpose-built bugs, just like any other clandestine listening device. Conway, too, may not be as concerned as she initially.